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Keys, Gray, Legends!

The Lads

Lads mag, prehistoric, pub talk, a few phrases being banded about to describe the recent uncoverings off air at sky, yet we here at the league of bastards celebrate the lads banter. The fact is we all say it, we all think it and at the end of the day is a mans game, who hasnt watched a clip of womens football and nearly shat your pants with laughter, it just looks wrong, like a polar bear strolling through the serengeti. the clip of Keys in particular asking Jamie Redknapp did he “Smash it” im our opinion is youtube gold, a few ex pros and a gimpy faced Keys just having a laugh. As for Andy Gray asking Charlotte Jackson to tuck it in, well who wouldnt, many would have went further.

We can only hope that the boys aren’t out of the game for too long because if the pc brigade take football away from us there wont be much left. LOB



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